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Why Choose Pallman?

The Pallman brings experience, business acumen and industry contacts that have been obtained through pragmatic experience since 1998 in various mechanical and industrial engineering products and scenarios. With 22 years of a deep knowledge of products and services in the aftermarket and Original Equipment (O.E) sectors we can bring efficient, effective and added value products and services to streamline manufacturing, sourcing and supply. Why Us? Because we are…




Known for our 'Can do' attitude


Passionate & Transparent


Pragmatic & Collaborative


Solutions Provider


Trusted to deliver


Our vision is to provide our customers with unrivalled services and quality products by introducing transforming ideas to minimise downtime and increase sustainability and productivity. The Pallman are dedicated to specific business sectors, bringing passion and expertise to each industry. For the benefit of our customers, we have a comprehensive range of mechanical and industrial engineering products and services that can be scaled to any size of organisation; small, medium, or large.


We have built our company on strong foundations and solid pillars with total focus on safety and winning the entitlement of our customers’ loyalty by excelling our operational commitments and priorities of which are customers, leadership, service excellence and efficient supply chain. These are vital components of our strategic approach at Pallman.


Our purpose is to implement pragmatic solutions to businesses by listening, observing and getting ourselves completely involved as our own business to determine the safest path for growth and prosperous result. When you deal with us, you do not need to wait weeks or months for your products to arrive. Pallman is passionate about our industries, expertise and customers. We are here to build and partnering a long-lasting relationship by inventing new ideas to empowering our customers to take ownership of our products and services.

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