Design and Manufacture of Industrial Separation Filters

Pallman’s specialist design and development teams provide filters manufacturing innovation for superior efficiency and performance in industrial separation processes.

End to End Filters Design and Manufacturing

Pallman have embarked itself to become a renowned filtration brand in the global stage in the research, innovation, design, development, and manufacture of industrial liquid filters. Our expertise spans many sectors and industries that require high performance in engines and industrial processes. Pallman takes control of the liquid filter manufacturing process end to end, to ensure premium quality filtration solutions that often improving on OEM filtration products.

Adsorption Filters

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Using adsorbent materials, such as activated carbon or specialty resins, adsorption filters remove specific contaminants from gases or liquids. The mixture is passed through the adsorbent material, which selectively captures and retains the targeted substances. They are commonly used in applications such as air purification, water treatment, and gas processing.


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High-speed rotating devices are used to separate solids from liquids or separate liquids of different densities. The mixture is fed into a spinning rotor, and the centrifugal force causes the denser component to move towards the outer edge, while the less dense component remains closer to the centre. Centrifuges are commonly used in pharmaceutical, and food processing processes.

Cyclone Separators

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The use centrifugal force separates solid particles or liquids from gases. The mixture enters a cylindrical chamber and is forced into a swirling motion. This centrifugal force causes the heavier particles or liquids to move towards the outer wall, where they are collected and removed. Cyclone separators are commonly used in gas-solid separation applications.

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

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Dissolved air flotation is a separation technique that removes suspended solids or oils from water or wastewater. The mixture is subjected to microscopic air bubbles, which attach to the solids or oils, causing them to float to the surface for removal. DAF is commonly used in water treatment, wastewater treatment, and oil-water separation.

Filtration Separators

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Utilising filter media to separate solids or liquids from a mixture, filtration separators past the mixture through a filter medium that allows only the desired component to pass through, while retaining the unwanted components. Filtration separators can use various types of filter media such as mesh screens, cloth filters, or porous membranes. Filtration separators are commonly used in industries such as water treatment, oil processing, and chemical manufacturing.

Gravity Filters

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Relying on the force of gravity to separate solid particles from liquids, gravity filters allow the mixture to settle, and the solids settle to the bottom while the liquid is drained or decanted off the top. Gravity filters are commonly used for sedimentation and clarification processes.

Magnetic Separators

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Magnetic fields are used to separate magnetic or ferrous materials from non-magnetic substances. The mixture is passed through a magnetic field, and the magnetic particles are attracted to the magnetic surface or captured by magnetic grids. Magnetic separators are commonly used in industries such as mining, recycling, and food processing.

Reputation for Excellence

Separation filters manufactured by Pallman are designed to match and often exceed the Fit, Form, and Function standards recommended by the original equipment manufacturers. We work with customers to identify flow rates, particle sizes, media pore requirements, suitability, as well as gas and liquid types. Exceptional service in design and manufacture is Pallman’s trademark, first and foremost delivering efficiency, reliability, and premium quality, and always to the required quality standards.

Filtration Innovation and Bespoke Applications

Organisations choose Pallman to develop best of breed industrial liquid separation solutions to remove water from fuels, and solid liquid gases. We work with customers to maximise process efficiencies with the aid of bespoke designed and manufactured filters. Extensive experience of developing separation filters that perform in tough industrial environments allows our customers peace of mind to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

The Process

The Pallman Filter Team provide filtration manufacturing solutions that include:

Research and Development

Scrutinise filter requirements and application to identify specifications, media, metals, seals, packaging.

Filter Manufacturing

Specialist manufacturing facilities construct filter media, casings, assemble, label and package.

Design and Testing

Design with specialist CAD software, building models, filter prototypes, testing, documenting.

Quality Control

Implement checks, tests, and validation routines, conduct benchmarking, align to ISO standards.

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