The Industrial Filters Manufacturing Process

Dedicated to continuous improvement in industrial filters manufacturing processes, our proven steps in filters manufacture led to superior filtration solutions.

Filter Manufacturing Process

With Pallman’s combined filtration expertise and knowledge, we are able to manufacture and supply a wide range of filtration products to fulfil almost all industries. After the stages of research, innovation, design, come the filter manufacturing process which we have refined to six distinct steps. At each step Pallman’s engineering teams strictly adhere to quality standards, taking control of the manufacturing process ‘end to end’. In this way we are able to maintain quality where other organisations who outsource cannot. Our teams work across a wide variety of industries and applications in this way to deliver premium quality filtration solutions.

1. Product Sample

Pallman’s Research and Development department first check the filter media used in the OE standard requirements and products.



2. Check Parameters

Different parameters are checked in the media used in the OEM, such as (Filtration Efficiency, Burst Strengths pressure, Capacity, Pore size, Air permeability and valve pressure etc).

3. Select Filter Media

According to what is found in the media of the OEM standard, the exact or equivalent media is selected from the range of filters media.



4. Match Media

If the equivalent Media is not available in our range, then our filtration media and paper suppliers are requested to provide us with the similar media which is added into the range as a new media in our range and begin the new production of new specified products.

5. Improve Media

When there is a special requirement from any customer to improve the media of any existing product, or when we are requested by customers to improve the media for any product to long life version with more capable media, and supply better and exceeding quality than OEM, then a new research process and development begins to find the similar media and revise our current product range by using a new improved media on our current and new products range manufacturing process.



6. Develop Pleating

After the selection of the media. then the process is just to develop the pleating operations for the media in our automatic pleating production machines and equipment to get the element of the product.
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