Design and Manufacture of Industrial Dust Filters

A wealth of experience delivering air filtration solutions to industries worldwide, bringing knowledge and innovation for premium quality filters with superior performance.

End to End Design and Manufacturing

Pallman have embarked itself to become a renowned filtration brand in the global stage in the research, innovation, design, development, and manufacture of industrial dust filters. Stretching across a variety of industries that require high performing industrial filtration in order to maintain clean air to maximise equipment performance. Pallman takes control of the filter manufacturing process end to end, to ensure the supply of premium quality filters and superior performance, often improving on OEM filtration products.

Baghouse Dust Filters

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Also known as fabric filters, baghouse filters use fabric bags to capture dust particles. The polluted air enters the filter, and the dust is collected on the surface or within the fabric bags. Periodically, the bags are cleaned using techniques like shaking or reverse air flow to remove the accumulated dust.

Cartridge Dust Filters

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Consisting of cylindrical cartridges made of pleated fabric or other filter media, dust-laden air passes through the cartridges, and the dust particles are collected on the outer surface or within the filter media. Cartridge filters offer a high surface area for filtration and are suitable for applications with fine dust particles.

Cyclone Separator Filters

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Use centrifugal force to separate dust particles from the air stream. The air enters tangentially into a cylindrical or conical chamber, creating a spiral motion. Due to centrifugal force of the cyclone separator, the heavier dust particles move towards the walls and are collected in a hopper, while the cleaner air exits through the top.

Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) Filters

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An electrostatic charge is used to capture dust particles. The polluted air passes between two electrodes, where a high voltage creates an electric field. The dust particles become charged and are attracted to oppositely charged plates or collection surfaces. Electrostatic precipitators are effective for fine particulate matter.

Pleated Dust Filters

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Manufactured with a pleated filter media, this increases the filtration area in a compact design. Pleated dust filters are commonly used in HVAC systems and smaller industrial applications.

Wet Scrubber Dust Filters

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Using a liquid that is usually water, wet scrubbers capture and remove dust particles from the air. The contaminated air passes through a chamber or tower where water droplets trap the dust. The dust-laden water is then collected and treated separately. Wet scrubbers are suitable for applications with sticky or soluble dust.

Reputation for Excellence

Filters manufactured by Pallman are designed to match and often exceed the Fit, Form, and Function standards recommended by the original equipment manufacturers. They deliver in environments that are subject to pollutants such as dust and emissions, which have negative impacts on the performance of industrial equipment. A reputation has been earned for exceptional service in design and manufacture of industrial dust filters, that first and foremost deliver on maximum efficiency, reliability, and premium quality, and meet safety standards.

Filtration Innovation and Bespoke Applications

Organisations choose Pallman to develop best of breed industrial dust filtration solutions for reliable operation of machinery, to maintain clean and safe working conditions, to protect the health of workers, and preventing the contamination of products and equipment. Extensive experience of developing filters that perform in tough industrial environments allows our engineers to provide optimised filter performance for the most demanding of applications.

The Process

The Pallman Industrial Filter Team provide filtration manufacturing solutions that include:

Research and Development

Scrutinise filter requirements and application to identify specifications, media, metals, seals, packaging.

Filter Manufacturing

Specialist manufacturing facilities construct filter media, casings, assemble, label and package.

Design and Testing

Design with specialist CAD software, building models, filter prototypes, testing, documenting.

Quality Control

Implement checks, tests, and validation routines, conduct benchmarking, align to ISO standards.

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