Design and Manufacture of Industrial Gas Turbine Filters

A wealth of experience delivering filtration solutions to power companies and industrial turbine users worldwide

End to End Filter Design and Manufacturing

Pallman have embarked itself to become a renowned filtration brand in the global stage in the research, innovation, design, development, and manufacture of gas turbine filters, designed and engineered to protect gas turbines and ensure reliable turbine performance, whilst prolonging the life of critical components. Working with organisations in the power generation sector and wider industrial turbine use, we provide tailored filtration solutions. Pallman takes control of the filter manufacturing process from start to finish, to ensure the supply of premium quality filtration products, often improving on OEM filtration products.

Stainless Steel Basket Filters

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Feature a basket-shaped made from stainless steel that houses the filter element. Stainless steel basket filters offer excellent particle retention and are used in applications such as fuel filtration, lubrication systems, and process water filtration.

Turbine Coalescing Filters

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Employed to remove liquid droplets, such as water and oil, from the inlet air of gas turbines. Coalescing filters use media that captures the liquid droplets and allows them to coalesce into larger droplets that can be easily drained from the system.

Turbine Exhaust Filters

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Used to remove particulate matter and other contaminants from the exhaust gas of gas turbines. Exhaust filters can be made of ceramic or metallic materials and are designed to provide high filtration efficiency while withstanding high temperatures.

Turbine Inlet Air Filters

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Used to remove airborne particulate matter, such as dust, dirt, and pollen, from the air intake of gas turbines. The filters are often made of pleated paper, glass fibre, or synthetic materials and are designed to provide high filtration efficiency while minimising pressure drop.

Turbine Separator Filters:

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Used to remove liquid and solid contaminants from the lubricating oil that circulates through gas turbines. Separator filters separate the contaminants from the oil, allowing the clean oil to continue circulating through the system.

Turbine Silencer Filters

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Used to reduce the noise generated by gas turbines. Silencer filters can be designed to use a combination of sound-absorbing materials and airflow baffles to reduce the noise level.

The Process

The Pallman Turbine Filter Team provide filtration manufacturing solutions that include:

Research and Development

Scrutinise filter requirements and application to identify specifications, media, metals, seals, packaging.

Filter Manufacturing

Specialist manufacturing facilities construct filter media, casings, assemble, label and package.

Design and Testing

Design with specialist CAD software, building models, filter prototypes, testing, documenting.

Quality Control

Implement checks, tests, and validation routines, conduct benchmarking, align to ISO standards.

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