Design and Manufacture of Filters for Wind Turbines and Hydroelectric Plants

Delivering filtration solutions to the renewables sector, to organisations involved in Hydroelectric production, Hydrogen fuel and Wind Turbine electricity generation.

End to End Design and Manufacturing

Pallman have embarked itself to become a renowned filtration brand on the global renewable energy stage, in the research, innovation, design, development, and manufacture of industrial filters used in power generation applications. Stretching across wind, hydro and hydrogen production, Pallman takes control of filter manufacturing for vital equipment. Our end-to-end process ensures the supply of premium quality filters and superior performance.

Wind Turbine Filters

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Wind turbines operate in harsh environments and present unique challenges for maintenance and repair. The gearbox lubrication systems in windmills experience high vibration levels and need to bear unpredictable load conditions. To ensure reliable performance in such demanding conditions, it requires a filtration system that can consistently deliver the specified oil cleanliness. Pallman design and manufacture high-performance, stress-resistant wind turbine filters that provide operators with peace of mind for maximum up time and productivity.

Hydroelectric Filters

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Efficient hydroelectric power generation relies on the dependable operation of turbine control mechanisms and lubrication systems. Failures in components like wicket gate mechanisms, turbine governors, and generator bearings can result from poor oil condition, leading to unproductive downtime. Pallman design and manufacture filters that play a crucial role in maintaining lubricating and hydraulic oils. We work with hydroelectric producers to improve system responses, reduce downtime, and lower equipment maintenance costs.

Hydrogen Filters

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Hydrogen power is considered a vital element in the shift towards renewable energy. However, to make it a truly sustainable solution, efficient filtration and separation are crucial for transforming it into a reliable energy source. Pallman design and manufacture filters that play a crucial role in process filtration, liquid-gas separation, and decontamination of hydrogen streams.

Reputation for Excellence

Filters manufactured by Pallman are designed to deliver in renewables production environments that are often remote, and subject to pollutants such as dust, wear particles, emissions. A reputation has been earned for exceptional service in design and manufacture of industrial filters, that deliver maximum efficiency, reliability, to minimise negative impacts on machinery performance, and renewables processes.

Filtration Innovation and Bespoke Applications

Organisations choose Pallman to develop best of breed filtration solutions in bespoke applications. Reliable maintenance of production machinery ensures consistent energy output whilst extending the life of production equipment. Extensive experience of developing filters that perform in tough climates and harsh environments allows our engineers to provide optimised filter performance for the most demanding of power generation applications.

The Process

The Pallman Renewables Team provide filtration manufacturing solutions that include:

Research and Development

Scrutinise filter requirements and application to identify specifications, media, metals, seals, packaging.

Filter Manufacturing

Specialist manufacturing facilities construct filter media, casings, assemble, label and package.

Design and Testing

Design with specialist CAD software, building models, filter prototypes, testing, documenting.

Quality Control

Implement checks, tests, and validation routines, conduct benchmarking, align to ISO standards.

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