Design and Manufacture of Engine Oil Filters

Innovation and superior filter efficiency and performance in the design and manufacture of engine oil filters to industry worldwide. Pallman brings a wealth of experience in filters development.

End to End Design and Manufacturing

Pallman have embarked itself to become a renowned filtration brand in the global stage in the research, innovation, design, development, and manufacture of engine oil filters, Pallman’s expertise spans many sectors and industries that require high performance engine performance in vehicles and industrial machinery. Pallman takes control of the engine oil filter manufacturing process end to end, to ensure high-quality filtration solutions, often improving on OEM filtration products.

Cartridge Oil Filters

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Consisting of a housing that holds a replaceable filter element known as a cartridge, these filters offer flexibility in terms of customisation, as they come in various sizes and micron ratings to match the engine filtration requirements. The filter element inside the cartridge traps and removes impurities from the engine oil, including dirt, debris, and contaminants. Cartridge oil filters are known for their excellent filtration efficiency and ease of maintenance, as only the filter element needs to be replaced during servicing.

Centrifugal Oil Filters

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Centrifugal force is used to separate contaminants from the engine oil with a spinning rotor or centrifuge inside the filter housing. As the oil enters the filter, the centrifugal force causes heavier particles and debris to move towards the outer edge where they are trapped and collected. Clean oil can then flow out through the centre of the filter. Centrifugal oil filters are effective on engines with high flow rates, and they have the ability to effectively remove larger particles and sludge from the engine oil.

Depth Media Oil Filters

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Designed with a thick filter media that offers a high dirt-holding capacity, depth media oil filters consist of multiple layers of materials, such as cellulose, synthetic fibres, or a combination of both. These filters are efficient at capturing and retaining small and large particles, including dirt, contaminants, and even soot. Depth media oil filters provide extended service intervals and robust filtration performance for optimal engine protection.

Extended Life Oil Filters

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Designed to have a longer service interval compared to standard filters, extended life oil filters incorporate advanced filter media and enhanced construction to provide high-end performance. By capturing and retaining contaminants over an extended period, this reduces the frequency of filter changes, minimising downtime. These filters are ideal for industrial engines that operate in demanding conditions or require extended maintenance intervals.

Magnetic Oil Filters

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Magnets are incorporated within the filter housing to attract and capture ferrous particles in the engine oil, which is effective in removing metallic debris and particles generated by engine wear. The magnets help prevent these particles from circulating within the engine, reducing the risk of damage to sensitive components such as bearings and cylinders. Magnetic oil filters work in conjunction with other filtration methods and provide an additional layer of protection for industrial engines.

Oil Mist Filters

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Oil mist filters are specialised filters used to remove oil mist and aerosol particles from the air in industrial environments. Oil mist is generated when lubricating oil is used in machinery and becomes a vapour due to mechanical action or high temperatures. Oil mist filters are designed to capture and separate the oil mist from the air, preventing it from being released into the surrounding atmosphere. They typically employ high-efficiency filter media that can effectively trap and collect the oil droplets, allowing clean air to be discharged. Oil mist filters are commonly used in applications such as metalworking, machining, and industrial processes where oil mist is generated, helping to improve air quality, reduce oil consumption, and create a healthier and safer working environment.

Spin-On Oil Filters

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Widely used in industrial engines due to their convenience and ease of installation. Spin-on oil filters consist of a metal housing with a replaceable cartridge inside with filter media that captures and removes contaminants such as dirt, metal particles, and sludge from the engine oil. When it’s time for a filter change, the entire unit is replaced with a new one. Spin-On oil filters offer efficient filtration and are available in various sizes and micron ratings to suit different engine applications.

Reputation for Excellence

Filters manufactured by Pallman are designed to match and often exceed the Fit, Form, and Function standards recommended by the original equipment manufacturers. They deliver in environments that are subject to pollutants such as dust, wear particles, emissions, to keep harmful particles out of the engine and prolong engine life. Exceptional service in design and manufacture is Pallman’s trademark, first and foremost delivering on maximum efficiency, reliability, and premium quality.

Filtration Innovation and Bespoke Applications

Organisations choose Pallman to develop best of breed engine oil filtration solutions for reliable maintenance of machinery, to ensure product quality, and to protect machinery investments. Extensive experience of developing filters that perform in tough industrial environments allows our engineers to provide optimised filter performance for the most demanding of applications.

The Process

The Pallman Oil Filter Team provide filtration manufacturing solutions that include:

Research and Development

Scrutinise filter requirements and application to identify specifications, media, metals, seals, packaging.

Filter Manufacturing

Specialist manufacturing facilities construct filter media, casings, assemble, label and package.

Design and Testing

Design with specialist CAD software, building models, filter prototypes, testing, documenting.

Quality Control

Implement checks, tests, and validation routines, conduct benchmarking, align to ISO standards.

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