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Pallman’s existence today has been influenced by the early British engineering industry in the 1700 and 1800’s, its revolutionists and pioneers such as Brunel, James Watt, Robert Stephenson, Thomas Newcomen, Thomas Savery, William G. Armstrong and William Fairbairn, Inspired by their inventive spirit. Pallman aims to present innovative manufacturing, supply and sourcing solutions of Engines and Parts, Filtration, Hydraulics, Fuel, Water Pumps, Undercarriage Components and Tracks to our customers all over the globe, using leading industry procurement expertise combined with British manufacturing, mechanical and industrial engineering and re-engineering skills.

Despite humble beginnings, Pallman has access to a vast array of global contacts on all sides of the mechanical and industrial engineering products’ supply and possess crucial experience of dealing with demanding clients who require manufacturing, supply and sourcing, in more than one country. For over a decade these skills and expertise have been honed to satisfy the demands of those involved in global business, mechanical and industrial engineering products’ manufacturing, procurement and supply.

True end to end parts and service is provided, whether it be for agricultural machinery, construction equipment, commercial trucks and buses, industrial power units, marine propulsion, static power generation, or wind turbines applications. Pallman supply quality mechanical and industrial engineering products and services to small, medium and large organisations worldwide.

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