Power Stations Oil-Gas Filters

Our range covers The CCV, Crankcase Ventilation Filters, Oil mist separators series, Oil-Gas Turbine Air Filters, Static and Pulse Panel Air Filters are developed specifically for crankcase ventilation purposes on internal combustion engines for Heavy-Duty and Off-Highway engines applications from 50 kW to 20 MW for use in combined heat and power plants (CHP), Ships and all other fields of use for internal combustion engines applications.

CCV Crankcase Ventilation Filters

A comprehensive range of CCV Crankcase Ventilation Filters can be supplied by Pallman Filters for all types of internal combustion engines applications. An optional membrane gas controller on the unit holds the crankcase exactly at desired under-pressure, even in variable operation conditions. Our double filtration system provides high quality cleaning and simultaneously using two parts filters increases the lifetime of the filters and engines applications.

The CCV Oil mist separators are driven by engines’ turbocharger. So Filters are designed that they can be operated by the Turbo Super-Charger of the engines. Our CCV Oil mist separators filters have a lifetime from 4,000 hours up to 32,000 hours depending on the design.

Oil and Gas Turbine Filters

A Combined-cycle power plant uses both a gas and a steam turbine together to produce up to 50 percent more electricity from the same fuel than a traditional simple-cycle plant. The waste heat from the gas is routed to the nearby steam turbine which generates extra power.

Designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards air filtration products are critical to the overall performance and reliability of gas turbine. Fuel costs is 80 percent of the life cycle cost of electricity. Small gains in efficiency can be tremendous savings.

Static and Pulse Filters

The correct type of filter pulse or static filters, should be used for the specific project, environmental conditions and contaminations. In general, a pulse or self-cleaning type inlet air filter should be used when operating in conditions where dust and sandstorms can occur. Filters are available in conventional of different type and design variants.

Our products are engineered, designed and manufactured with latest technologies and equipment and used long lasting raw materials with highly efficient beta filter medias to O.E manufacturers and aftermarket brands.

Pulse Panel Filters

The Pulse Panel Filters for Oil-Gas Turbine and Power Plants Industries. The features are, up to >90% Filtration Efficiency, Very Low Initial Pressure Drop, Long Lifetime, With Only One Prefilter Stage, Stronger Type, High Burst Pressure.

The Benefits are, Higher Power Output, Increased Turbine Availability, No Filtration Housing Modifications Required, Less Fuel Costs, Less Maintenance Costs.

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