Oil Filters

Removing dirt particles from engine oil in high capacity engines is an ongoing challenge for any commercial vehicle or industrial engine maintenance team. Engine wear and damage is directly related to the cleanliness of the lube oil, so it is essential that your team has an efficient maintenance system in place to minimise downtime and maximise efficiency. Pallman Filters can deliver complete oil filtration systems to provide industrial engine filter supply solutions worldwide.

Cartridge & Element Oil Filters

A comprehensive range of oil element filters can be supplied by Pallman Filters for all types of commercial engines and equipment. We advise our customers to ensure their teams follow the engine manufacturer’s guidelines on frequency of servicing to enable the engine to work more efficiently, to keep the operation cost down and increase the engines lifespan.

Cartridge & Spin-On Hydraulic Oil Filters

O.E quality cartridge element and Spin-On hydraulic oil filters are supplied with different variations to filter the smallest particles. Our products are manufactured with long-lasting glass fibre, cellulose and Synthetic filter media with highly efficient beta to remove smallest micron 0.5, to extend the life circle and durability.

Spin-On Oil Filters

Spin-On Oil Filters are available in conventional of different type and design variants. Such as high performance, microns, flow directions, such as outflow and inflow.

Transmission Filters

Transmission fluid contamination is a concern for any commercial vehicle or industrial engine maintenance team with contaminants commonly entering transmission fluid systems through vents, fill tubes and dip sticks. The contaminants might consist of metal chips or metal flaking from gears, bushings and clutch facings. Pallman Filters offer transmission filters product range that covers transmission filters systems for all type of equipment to ensure clean transmission components. These include compact flat filters, plastic design and spin-on cost effective filters.

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