Fuel Filters

Fuel contamination is a serious ongoing concern of any commercial vehicle or industrial engine maintenance team. With stresses in engines increasing due to the drive for higher pressures to push for efficiencies, the fuel filter component of any modern diesel engine is vital to its efficient, safe working. Pallman Filters can deliver complete fuel filtration systems and fuel filter units to provide industrial engine filter supply solutions worldwide to assist to minimise downtime.

Box Style SEPAR Fuel 

Replacement OE quality of SEPAR Box type range of fuel filter and water separators are manufactured with hydrophobic and cellulose media manufactured from stainless steel. The range of filter elements consists of standard fit 10, 30 and 60-micron variants and manufactured to the highest standards. Also, Pallman Filters can offer customised filter products to suit a variety of client needs.

Cartridge & Element Fuel Filters

With full performance and eliminated waste which reflect to low operational cost, durability and performance.

Fuel & Water Separators

Fuel and Water separators are available in conventional standard, precision design and in various special types. Such as high-pressure variants, with housing system etc.

In-Line Fuel Filters

In-line fuel filters are available in two different types, in plastic and metal, both are designed for protection and efficient fuel system.


Fuel Spin-On Filters are available in conventional of different type and design variants. Such as high performance, microns, flow directions, such as outflow and inflow.

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