Air Filters, Dust Collectors & HVAC

Although one of the least expensive components of a vehicle or industrial engine, the air filter still remains a vital element to its efficiency and safe working. Pallman Filters can deliver complete filtration systems and filter units to provide robust industrial engine filter supply solutions worldwide.


As well as internal ventilation for safe operator breathing, often air circulation and filtration products are underestimated for their crucial importance and impact on an engine breathing system.

Channel and Power-Core Replacement

Complete Channel and Power-Core Replacement of filtration and housing products for air systems with efficiency of up to 99.99% to deliver extreme performance for off Highway trucks, machinery and equipment.

Compressed Air Process and for Industrial & Process Housings

Complete air filtration systems and separation products for compressed air and gas systems. Mobile and stationary compressor solutions include filter and housing for air intake, air/oil separators, oil, fuel and coolant filters, along with compressed air filters, dryers and condensate management products.

Dust Collectors 

The most advanced and reliable dust collectors and filters available. Our dust collection equipment and replacement filters help increase manufacturing efficiencies and provides a cleaner environment. Pallman manufacture and supply industrial Dust, Fume and Mist filtration products to all industries.

Dryer Spin-On

Supply of original equipment quality replacement Air Dryer Filters on a vehicles’ compressed air and brake system. Pallman Filters supplied Air Dryer filters protect the components and system mechanism against corrosion and malfunctions, with no compromise on your vehicle safety and function of relevant components.

Extreme & High-Performance (Nano & Metal-End)

Specialist filtration product designed with a unique engineering process of spiral development system completely to eliminate the old style of welding process entirely to endure the toughest environments to purity and separate all particles as small as submicron contaminants with efficiency of up to 99.99% to deliver extreme performance for off highway trucks, machinery and equipment.

HEPA & Industrial Applications

Supply of HEPA Type filtration for mobile equipment and industrial applications. Pallman Filters’s supplied HEPA filters come in different shapes and form to endeavour the toughest conditions.

Radial Seal

Designed for improved strength and ease of service, Pallman Filters supplied Radial Seal Filters have excellent contaminant holding capacity and removal efficiency making them a solid choice of aftermarket replacement filters for many industrial engine applications.

Air Filter Round Metal End
Air Filter Round Radial Seal
Air Filter Round Metal End
Air Filter Round Radial Seal

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